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For the past few years we've been collaborating with Jimmy Buffett on the Landshark Guitar Project. We made one for Jimmy and delivered it to him in Indianapolis in July of 2012. He fell in love with it immediately and used it during his show that evening. He's continued to use his Triggs Landshark Electric Guitar regulary since then, most notably on his song "Fins" which closes out the majority of his live shows.


Mr. Buffett told us back in the summer of 2012 that he wanted us to make some more of these and we've finally got around to doing so. We just recently put the finishing touches on a brand new pair of these Landshark Guitars and we plan on displaying them in our booth at a handful of guitar shows in 2015.


All of the artwork is hand painted by Jim Triggs using acrylic based paints. The guitar is then shot with several coats of lacquer for added protection from wear and tear. Please scroll down to see progress pictures of the guitar coming together and to see photos/video of Jimmy playing his live.

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